Our Story

Kelly Mae Kreations was born in the summer of 2009 while I (Violet) was on maternity leave with my first child. That's when I made my first necklace and from the very first one, I was hooked! The tools in my hands felt so natural, like it was something I had been doing all of my life and voila Kelly Mae Kreations was born. :-) 

Since starting Kelly Mae Kreations, I have taken classes, studied from the internet, read several books, and worked with various mentors and business coaches. All of this to learn, grow, and better serve the wonderful customers we have acquired and continue to acquire. 

Besides the fact that we absolutely adore our customers, we also want you to have a wonderful, personal experience with us. With so much being done on the internet today, the experience can really be very sterile. Not so when you come to our shop, we like to keep in touch and provide a very hands on approach with each and every one of you that we get to serve.

We want to make sure that you are more than 100% satisfied when all is said and done. 

All jewelry is handmade locally and we carefully choose and use quality materials in our designs.  We stay up to date - with trends and various other changes in the industry. We take classes and conduct research on new and better processes for creating designs and other aspects of running a creative jewelry business. Because we are continually trying to improve ourselves - our customers can expect quality, creative, and new items on a continual basis.